“I love feeling like I am part of a shoot, like I am adding to the creativity and ideas behind an image, rather than simply being portrayed inside a finished image. For me, this is where TOM has outshone every creative I have worked with prior. I felt like I was part of the team, creatively and socially. The images created felt personal to me, on a level above any before. TOM portrayed me in a way I would have done for myself if I had been in full control; in fact they went above and beyond what I could have imagined. They have the ability to see and understand exactly what it is that you are looking for from the shoot and the finished product. I have often been on sets, that in order to finish within a deadline and achieve what is needed, the atmosphere has been relatively serious and work enforced. TOM s level of organisation and professionalism is undeniable, yet they create a friendly, comfortable feel for all the talent involved. TOM surpasses all expectations professionally and creatively.

I would not hesitate to recommend, or certainly, and I hope to; work with again myself”
“Shooting with Tom Fraud I found him to be highly creative and motivated artist, with good assuring direction and an approachable rapport. Nick maintains a good energy fuelled by his clear enthusiasm for his work, and by his evolving ideas during the shoot. He constantly re adapts approaches for the best result. All the while I felt my needs catered for, and my own artistic ability respected and platformed. Shooting for Tom Fraud is playful and collaborative experience, culminating in work that exudes artistic passion in its aesthetic”
— Alice Oakley Jones
Working with TOM FRAUD and his team is always a great experience, he is able to adopt the vision of whomever he is working with and build on that to create something very special. He has a very straightforward attitude about what is needed, what is attainable, without ever treading on the toes of anyone’s imagination. Which is a very difficult thing to master! Especially when your ideas are as far fetched as mine can be.

This is one of the many reasons he will continue to go from strength to strength.
— Caggie Dunlop
“I was introduced to TOM FRAUD by a mutual friend and we were able to connect while he was in LA.

He had such a vision for the finished product, before we even got started and we got some incredible shots. He is so lovely as a person and extremely talented as a photographer.

He is now not just a photographer but also a friend”
— Andreea Cristina
“TOM FRAUD was recommended to me for a personal photo shoot for a Look Good Feel Good campaign after 9 months of cancer treatment.

The day from start to finish was an experience I will never forget. A wonderful makeup and hair stylist was provided, experienced with my particular needs and a stylist was brought along to help with getting the best possible looks.

The sensitivity and thought that TOM provided in making me comfortable and at ease with the camera, having never done something like this before, was beyond expectation. He truly made me feel at ease and able to really enjoy what I expected to be a stressful day. To say I am thrilled with the results is an understatement.

At a time when I felt at my worst, he ended up making me feel beautiful & his pictures are a testimony to that....

I look back at that time now with such fondness and a superb experience plus some truly gorgeous pictures I will always treasure.

I believe TOM FRAUD is a true master in his field”
— Rachel Mamelok
“TOM FRAUD’s images really captured the essence of London living with this apartment.
He is highly professional with an excellent eye for detail.”
— Louise Randall
“TOM FRAUD was a pleasure to work with.
He worked the room yet stayed in the background all the whilst snapping incredible photos.

All the guests that interacted with him felt at ease and loved striking a pose.

Both my client and I couldn’t be happier with the end results. Nicholas captured every magical moment throughout the event in his own stylish way”
— Kelly Bentley - Creative Director at MOA Events
“At Koja - Interior Design, we use TOM FRAUD’s Photography/Prints in our projects as he offers an exquisite collection of picturesque, evocative and striking images. Many from his extensive travels and life experiences which he has captured with amazing focus, light and uncompromising standards. 
He truly seizes the spirit of the subject and has an eye for beauty which shows in his work with a fresh twist which truly takes your breath away.
He doesn’t miss a beat and is a memory chaser, guaranteed to leave some fabulous shots in his extensive library of exclusive prints which when framed and integrated in interior schemes sets you off from the ordinary.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but TOM FRAUD’s images - they leave you speechless. We highly recommend him” 
— Koja Design, London